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Butter Bots!

Please read in a British accent (it’s a critical part of comprehension)…

“It is very well known that one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy summer is to go out  into the stunningly crowded world to eat breakfast. The risks we take are immeasurable and quite satisfactory, especially when you get your favorite booth! And to ensure power over the (probably) inferior tables, our family constructs butter bots out of Plus-Plus toys and little butter pats! The little plastic pieces fit together to create the perfect vessel for the butter and perhaps a become a transport vehicle for the butter to find its appropriate spot upon a steaming stack of flapjacks or the ever enticing slice of sourdough bread.

Our contest was based upon who’s creation could hold the most pats. I leave you to decide who may (or may not) have won the challenge! Cheerio and a pleasant summer to you!”