Cinco De Mayo…

As most people know, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo {or the fifth of May in English}. It also happens to be our Aunt Nancy’s Birthday! According to the internet many think Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican independence day but actually it’s a celebration of winning the war against the French, which started when Mexico couldn’t pay the debt they owed.

So it ended up that the war lasted 3 hours, Mexico didn’t have very good quality weapons… the French did…Mexico had only a small fraction of the soldiers France did, but it turns out Mexico won.

For us, it seemed odd that it was considered a ‘win’ when they were unable to pay their debt in the first place, which prompted the attack from France. Is that really winning?

Regardless, of the beginning and the end of the story, we learned how to make the papel picados known to decorate many fiestas around Mexico. Easy and fun to make!


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