How Egg-citing!!!

This week, we eggs-amined our Mom’s egg-stremely large egg collection! She has everything from ostrich eggs to to finch eggs, she even had some super rare ringneck pheasant eggs with an alligator texture. They occur 1 in every 500-1000 eggs laid! There is a wild variation of color and shape of the eggs, even from the same species of birds. Speaking of alligators, she has one of those too!

While looking through the collection, we also explored the thickness of the shells and how the birds crack open, the ostrich egg was of course, the thickest but the thinnest was the itty bitty finch egg. The shells thickness is directly related to how big the bird is inside of it and the strength it will have to break through when it is time to hatch. Did you know that Ostrich eggs are the largest living single cell currently known!? Dinosaur eggs would have had them beat, but, well you know how that story ended. As for the the smallest now egg, that would belong to a bee hummingbird which weighs just 1/2 of a GRAM! Hard to imagine a BIRD coming out of something that small!

My Mom started collecting eggs when she was 9 so many of the ones you see in the photos are over 35 years old. They have become more brittle over time, so we were even more careful with them than we would be with a normal egg – we were afraid they would turn to dust!

Some of the eggs weren’t blown out so we got to see some nature MAGIC!! The dried and very old yolks usually sits at the tip of the egg creating a super cool illusion, it sits on the narrowest end of the egg which made it balance on its tip.

Maybe in a future post we will share the eggs that she decorated when she was 9, inspired by the famous Faberge egg man,  where she cut shutters into the eggs and created little scenes. Her next door neighbor, Mrs. Goodman was her crafting partner way back when.

That’s all for now – Stay tuned for more egg-citing news!!


FullSizeRender 2
So many eggs! Pheasants, duck, chicken, chukar, guinea hen, partridge, quail, button quail (the tiny on on the end!)
All goose eggs, we were impressed by the size differences!
Alligator texture on pheasant eggs. Rare to see this texture – only 1 in every 500-1000 eggs are laid with this feature.


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