Yayoi Kusama

Just yesterday we learned about an artist named Yayoi Kusama. She is a Japanese artist and she also writes. Her artwork uses endless dots, bright contrasting colors, super cool designs and a boatload {maybe even more} of serious patience and focus! Super impressive!! She is known for her installations as well as her Mirrored Rooms. Check out the short videos below to see 2 of them.

Inspired by her artwork, we decided to do some focused painting, which is surprisingly hard to do when you are in a group! After doing several layers of paint, we added our own little twist which strangely had nothing to do with Yayoi’s art, we added melted wax and dimensional Mod Podge for added texture! They turned out awesome!

We found her work to be as inspiring as her story. Even with mental illness, she worked relentlessly to make her mark on the world.

These were the paintings we created….


3 thoughts on “Yayoi Kusama

  1. Great idea to add texture to your focused painting! I enjoy reading about all of the awesome things you’re learning this semester!


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