Eyes On The Prize!

The past many weeks we have been learning about coordinates. Longitude, Latitude, the Prime Meridian, Equator and how other places in the world align with one or the other of our own coordinates here in Douglas, Michigan. It has been cool to see how the climate in those areas are the same or different than ours.

So to get a hands on understanding of how coordinates mark places on earth, we did something totally amazing – we went GEOCACHING!!!! Have you ever heard of it? Geocaching is like a fun treasure hunt out in the world and you find the locations using GPS coordinates. The “treasure” is hidden in super sneaky spots and is an interesting mixture of tiny trinkets and things you wouldn’t normally think of as a treasures.

We went to 5 different places around our town, only finding 3 of the 5 caches. People can be tricky when hiding these things! We took a trinket and left one of our own for the next person to find. Once you find it, there is usually a paper inside the cache to write your name and the date it was found. We were surprised how many people had found them before us – it’s a more popular sport than we had thought! Super cool!

Now as we are driving along our road we certainly see things much differently! We will surely do this again wherever we travel next :0)

This is a quick video on what Geocaching is:


Our first ever Geocache find! Super exciting!

Our second find was in a bit of a thicket! The contents of the bucket are below…

This was our third cache – isn’t the container ADORABLE!!?

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