Mitey Surprising…

About two days ago, sadly, a tree swallow hit our window and died. We used it as an opportunity to take a look at this incredibly beautiful bird up close and under the microscope.

First of all, we simply MUST mention that this bird was seriously soft — like, EXTREMELY smooth and most of the feathers were actually a dark gray. Although it may look iridescent blue and white on the top layer, under it, it’s gray with a hint of black (also, the feathers are sooo deep and adult fingernail could hide under the feathers!). Interesting!

Once under the microscope, we began to see how the feathers work and how they are connected to the body turns out the spines of the feather are hollow! Unfortunately, upon investigation, we saw what feather mites look like (YIKES!) and once we saw that, the bird was out of the house in a split second and laying in a bed of flowers as an offering to an animal that might be interested in a meal.


It is always fun to see animals up close. We are diligent hand washers anyway, but after seeing those tiny mites, we couldn’t scrub hard enough!! Like the title says, it was Mitey Surprising!


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