Safety First!

We went to our local fire station to find out more about fire safety, tour the station and learn how to extinguish fires. It was super interesting! Our guide during our visit was Chief Greg Janik. We started by learning how he got started as a fireman. He talked to us about fire safety and making sure that we had an escape plan four our house and school and all about the fire  and carbon monoxide alarms that keep us safe. We were surprised to learn how many people don’t have them hooked up in their homes. Our fire station offers them FREE to people who need them. We thought that was pretty terrific!

During our station tour, Captain Mike Betts and First Responder, John Mileskiewicz joined in to show us all the protective gear they wear and how all the tanks and their uniform helps them stay protected. We got to climb into the fire trucks and learn what each truck does. There are a LOT of different trucks!

The last part of our visit, we went out back and with help, we learned about using extinguishers and putting out both wood/paper fires and chemical fires. They taught us about the acronym PASS: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep! Pull the tag on the extinguisher, aim it in the direction of the fire, squeeze the handle and sweep back and forth at the base of the fire.

We learned that there is a powdered chemical in the extinguisher that depending on the kind of fire, can help contain or put it out. That was great to know! We have a fire extinguisher next to our gas stove and now we understand the codes on the front tell us what kind of fires that extinguisher can take out – we won’t be using ours for type A fires.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.24.54 AM

The last thing they showed us after the chemical fire was lit, was why we should never use water on an chemical or electrical fire to put it out. It actually EXPANDS the fire!!! YIKES!

Because we were with actual firemen, we thought putting the fires out was fun (except for the terrible smell of the chemical coming out of the extinguisher!). We are happy to know how to do it and even more appreciative of the dangerous and incredible work of a fire department!

Special thanks to our AWESOME firemen for having us come and learn about fire safety!


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