Alexander Girard!

Yesterday we were given a tour of the exhibit: TEXTILE PLAY: The Magnificent Eye of Alexander Girard, currently up in the gallery space at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts in Michigan. A special thank you to Jackie Simpkins (the gallery curator at the SCA) for being our tour guide and sharing so many interesting details about his life and work! These were some of the most interesting things we observed:

Alexander Girard uses lots and lots of bright colors which were very unusual  for his time. During his career, he worked at Herman Miller adding color into furniture. All of his work is completely graphic, he uses very simple names for his artwork like: international heart or knots, and here is the most outstanding one…. HE USES PINK! Amazing.

We were very inspired by Girard’s dolls he created, so this morning, his work inspired our own art project to create 2D dolls with his influence. Towards the bottom of this post you can see how they turned out –  I think they look pretty good, for people who have never done this type of art. We started with cardboard cut into the shapes of some of his dolls, then we began to paint. Just as a little tip, for the faces, we recommend a sharpie marker for the eyes and all those little black details.

So try it! It’s really fun, that’s for sure. Check out his other work and you might just get inspired! He is amazing in so many ways from his art to his craftsmanship, let’s just say he has definitely made furniture more approachable because of their patterning and colors and his textiles make people smile!




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