The Art of Deconstructing Plant Life.

Just yesterday,  we were inspired by a Swiss guy named Ursus Wehrli. He likes to tidy up art, meaning, he has been taking already made art and neatly cleaning it up – otherwise known as deconstructing. {there’s a better example of his work shown below in the form of a video!} We decided, THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!! So we tried our hand at deconstructing. The things you need for this super relaxing project is: something to take apart, tweezers {only if you are doing something super duper tiny like we did} also, a clear surface, a bit of patience and a steady hand. Since it’s spring, we decided to work on plants or flowers… flowers are so exciting!!!. We chose buttercups,{or the yellow flowers if you don’t know what that is} a flat evergreen branch, and white snowdrop flowers. The flowers are brave specimens – daring to bloom in this sporadicly warm, then freezing Michigan February! It’s amazing how many little bits there are in an ANYTHING!






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