Buckminster Fuller

So you’ve probably seen them around… on playground, amusement parks, homes, toys structures. They are Geodesic domes and Buckminster Fuller (also known as “Bucky”) described its principles of construction in his efforts to design using the ‘less is more’ theory. We decided to put our patience to the test when we saw a post that created a dome with newspapers. Check out their post here.

We got 6 old newspapers (these editions are not as thick as we all remembered them being!) and started the process of rolling, taping, measuring, counting and color coding to create all of the struts we would need to start building. Once those were done, we were ready to build. That is trickier than it would seem and we learned in much more detail why it is helpful for EVERY roll to be many layers thick rather than just a few. The struts that were thinner were much less interested in staying tubular and bent, as you might imagine. We pressed on and in about 2 hours we had completed our SUPER cool geodesic dome!!

Next time you have extra newspapers on hand, you should consider giving it a try!


Here is a short PBS video we watched about Bucky. Pretty cool guy!


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