Last week in Kitchen Chemistry, we learned about Meringue! In learning about the chemistry behind making it, we did an experiment to learn about solutions, suspensions, colloids and emulsions. We also learned all about the Tyndall Effect!

Basically, we learned about the differences between: solutions {it cannot separate, it cannot filter and does not scatter light}, suspensions {the particles settle out, it can be filtered and it can scatter light or be opaque}, emulsions {uses emulsifiers to create the colloid, a better example shown below} and colloids {no separation, cannot be filtered and does not scatter light which is shown in a more visual way below}. 

The project we did was pretty darn awesome! Once the ingredients were mixed with water, we shook them and waited to see what happened to the particles – did they settle, separate or stay mixed? It was then that we learned about the Tyndall effect. By shining a light through the test tubes, if you can see the beam of light, that is the Tyndall Effect. The light is reflecting off of the minuscule colloidal particles in the dispersing medium (in this case, water). Next time you see a beam of light, you can think of John Tyndall!

For the baking half of the project, we made meringue {we made a pie and the plain cookies!}. Curiously, hours after our lemon meringue pie was out of the oven and in the refrigerator, we saw it had little beads of an unknown but delicious looking brown beads on the surface of the pie.  Our baking friend Eddie {you can read about him in one of our earlier posts} told us that we probably whipped the meringue too fast and it fell and burned a little, and that the brown dots were most likely sugar that didn’t get mixed in well enough to the egg whites.  And if that wasn’t enough we also made cookies which did the same thing. We are going to try it again and make the meringue slower this time and see what happens!!

Although we had some complications with the recipes, we recommend any of these projects and here is your warning, meringue is DELISH!!!! Get ready, ’cause next week we are doing cornbread and chili and cornbread! Hopefully it will turn out!! :0)

Happy Baking from our Kitchen Lab to yours!




Day 1: Meringue cookies


DAY 2 – More Meringue!



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