Big Bowls!

Exciting time at pottery – BIG BOWLS have been coming out of the kiln and we waited to have them all together so we could post them together.  Jeff has been encouraging Olive to create bigger pieces to get a better understanding of how more clay affects the process. It takes a lot of strength to get that much clay centered and turned into a vessel! For Jeff, it appears effortless… 7 pounds of clay is no comparison to the FOUR HUNDRED pounds he has used to create a single bowl. You read that right – 400 lbs. Check out his website here to see his large scale pieces!

These big bowls are super functional and even though I watched it all in action, it is still hard to believe our 8 year old potter made them :0) A tribute to her attention and disposition, and Jeff’s teaching style, good humor and endless patience!

That said: My I introduce a gallery of big bowls…

Gentle guidance to help center the clay… I LOVE this photo!



6 thoughts on “Big Bowls!

  1. WOW!!! Bubs and I were glued to the screen waiting to see the next picture. These pictures show your inner light shinning brightly. Keep at it Beautiful One! We agree with Linda that Jeff is one lucky teacher to have a student like you! You have certainly brightened up our rainy day. xoxoxoxo


  2. Olive is absolutely amazing!

    Jeff must consider it an honor to be her teacher.

    I love this image too. Look how gently her hand is resting on the pot. I like the way you said she is guiding it. She is such a gentle soul.

    The bowls are huge!!

    Love, Grammy ~who can’t even touch the clay


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