Stack one… Eat one…

We study structures often here at school.  A few days ago, we made a precarious structure out of Pringle’s or at least we tried to! The only thing you need for this experiment is patience, a steady hand and Pringles. Also if you haven’t seen our post on the DaVinci bridge take a look because they are both self-supporting structures {in other words, not using any thing to hold itself up}.

All you do is start with a clean surface and hold a small stack in your hand. Build up from the center. Sounds easier than it is…we only got half way up the arc and then it fell {this happened a couple of times but try it for yourself. That’s what learning is all about!}. Just as an extra tip, we first bought Veggie Chips, a healthier alternative but the shape wasn’t the same as the Pringles, resulting in the surprise that you can’t build a structure like this from them. Anyways, just make sure NOT to buy those healthy (and delicious!) veggie chips for this experiment and have fun!

Aside from the patience it takes to stack them, you will also need a fair amount of will-power not to EAT them all before your structure is complete!!!





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