Fantasy Maps…

This month we have been learning all about the Eastern Hemisphere. Landforms. Cultures. Cartography. Geographers. Latitude and Longitude. Coordinates. Meridians. Anyway, you get the idea!

Our assignment? To create a Fantasy Map. We found some pretty cool tricks on YouTube. That good old YouTube: the best place to spend a lot of time learning new things! Now one of the ideas that we found is about making the border of a land mass or island for whatever kind of map you would like. You can begin with whatever you have on hand like a cup of rice or perhaps some dried beans – so basically, any kind of granular objects you can find around the house. Then, pour some of these granular objects onto a flat piece of paper {not a crumpled or rolled piece because that would be very hard to work with} now draw a border around them to make the shapes in any way you would like.

On my map, I put trees, lakes, rivers, a canyon and a nice long shore line. Olive decided to take letters from other languages and put them together to form a new language used only in these Fantasy Lands. Words that even she doesn’t understand!

Anyway, if you do decide to make one of you own, know that it can become addicting! The possibilities are endless – Happy mapping!


Here Olive is drawing the border around her rice!


This is our Learning Wall… 

This was a funny video we watched about Longitude and Latitude.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Maps…

    1. The rice idea made it super accessible, I had the girls come up with a story about what happens in their make believe world.
      We had also done a project last year where they combined features of land mammals, birds and fish to come up with a new kind of creature. Might be fun for creative writing too!! Thanks for checking out the post :0)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the combining animals idea. I might have to use that too! I think we’re going to start with the maps though. We’ve got a whole bunch of dried beans and rice we could work with. Should make for a fun project!


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