Petals up Close…

Flowers in bloom. Cheering up the winter grayness. We had a beautiful bouquet of flowers and as they started to decompose, we thought we would take them on a trip to the microscope to see what was happening up close before they hit the compost bin!

Even on the same flower head, they were decomposing at different rates and looked completely unique when looked at up close. We were surprised at the variety of color and texture and number of parts, even within a single flower.

Check out the photo below with the little, bitty insect (mite?) that we discovered on the edge of a hydrangea petal. It “mite” surprise you that we couldn’t detect this fella even after we found his location without the use of our handy dandy microscope! Maybe he was in charge of helping with decomposition… we aren’t sure! If you know anything about it, please let us know in the comments!!

Next time you have flowers on your kitchen counter or table, know that there is more to them than meets the eye!

Check out that TINY little insect!! When not under the microscope, we couldn’t even SEE it! 
Two petals from the same flower – one that was starting to decompose around the outside edge and one from the middle. So different!




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