Terrarium Time!

Terrarium day had arrived! The glass was hand blown by Jeff Blanford and as usual, he had all the necessary tools and treats ready for us to experience. I often tell Olive, that we get to experience all the fun parts of Jeff’s years of trial and error (it is a gift, we probably can’t fully grasp…). That said, check out these incredible little green worlds!

If you look closely, there are rainbow colored crystalized pieces of metal in there. It is Bismuth and Jeff has been working on growing the structures from molten metal. Every turn there is more to learn!!!

Once our assemblies were complete, we got home and took some of the moss to the microscope lab to see up close what was going on in there. Pretty interesting miniaturized land of happiness!


These were our under the scope images. Teeny little particles of sand and rock could be seen…


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