We the People…

Two days ago, I was teaching the girls about crowd sourcing and exponential numbers of populations, money & projects. To better explain it through an example they could relate to, I took the girls on a tour of Kickstarter. Based on a crowd funding model, it was a perfect example of asking like-minded people to support often a ton of work to get an idea off the ground and connect with those who want to be part of it. The challenge is usually, how to get your message or idea out among all the other ones trying to do the same.

We happened across this project that we think is INCREDIBLE. Please do check it out today.  They have 5 days left before it ends… before the inauguration. We backed this project and feel, for the first time in a while, that by doing so we have a voice to help support diversity. The fact that it is through beautifully created art, makes it all the more meaningful to us. We backed it end of the day Wednesday. We were number 637. There are now almost 5,000 people supporting this project. This was the lesson in exponential numbers. The more people that know about it, the farther and faster it spreads.

In our household, we aren’t particularuly political. We believe this is a COMPLETELY non-partisan issue. It is an issue of what this country means when it says, “We the People…” Here at Water Street, we believe that means ALL the people.


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