Eastern Orangish-sphere…

Yes! You guessed it – we are studying the Eastern Hemisphere with oranges as our helpers!

Longitude and Latitude was the name of this game. For this project, we used 2 oranges (and a grapefruit for our visiting student, Miriam!), our artistic skills and acrylic paint. The intention of this exercise was to see the placement of the continents on the planet and when cutting it in half, which continents fell into which hemispheres.

When we cut it in 2, we used the Prime Meridian as our guide, and then the equator to divide it into North and South.

It is surprising how delicious this amazing planet (regardless of hemisphere!) can be!!!



What an accomplishment this amazing video is! It made us want to pack up our bags and take Water Street Academy on the road!!

6 thoughts on “Eastern Orangish-sphere…

    1. Thanks – It was a super fun project! I outlined the continents for them, I thought if they did it, it would be tricky for them to put all the continents in exactly the right place to get the hemispheres to align correctly when cut. :0)

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  1. Awesome! We just watched an episode of the TV series “Mars” which is a mix of documentary and fiction. A future astronaut and his father create a model of the solar system in an area of dessert. Another possible idea since you are close to sand? If you do that, please invite us as we’d like to help. Ah, if only everyone had an opportunity to learn at the Water St. Academy!!!


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