‘Tis the Season!

It’s true – ’tis the season for shopping! So we decided to download a new app {at least for us it’s new :0)} called Storest. It’s a really good game for learning about money, for all you tiny people reading this post! Once you purchase the app for $2.99 you get all the merchandise to print and cut them out. The cash register feature is a really cool design! Just like an actual grocery store, there are barcodes attached to the “food” and “toys” so you can scan them on your device! But if you decide it’s to hard to cut them out they also have another option – It’s pretty similar but you buy all of the food through the technology instead of in real life.  In other words, it’s an app or game. For me personally, I like the real life game, but don’t take my word for it – TRY IT!!!

After using it for a while, we thought it would be cool to make these barcodes ourselves and put them on things we want to sell! We haven’t tried it yet but we will be sure to tell you about it if we do!

We found this games4gains website with activity sheets to challenge even the more experienced shoppers!


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