A few days ago, we learned about Osmosis. In this experiment, we learned about diffusion. Diffusion is just simply spreading something more widely. It’s matter, trying to balance itself. Although some forms of diffusion are invisible to the human eye, like smells and gasses, in this experiment you can see what it’s doing to balance itself visually. For this experiment, all you need are some Skittles or M&M’s, hot or warm water, a white plate, a flat surface, a steady hand and a small bowl. First, you line up the candy on the edge of the plate-with no gaps. Then slowly pour the hot water onto the plate… this is where the steady hand comes in! Then, just simply wait and don’t touch it! In a matter of seconds, the color will start coming off the candy shell, flooding the white plate with color [shown above!]

We found the color moved more quickly in the warm water, which makes sense, since the molecules move faster in hotter water, moving the color more quickly. Like all of us, they are trying to find balance!!

We were so happy to have a visiting student to our classroom for this experiment! Miriam was a great help and enjoyed it as much as we did!


This video shows explains the diffusion of smell and how it works… we found the graphics and concept very helpful when doing our own experiment.



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