Toys for Tots…

This is the season when you can start seeing the Toys for Tots white and red boxes at places around communities. In our home, each year, we pool our money, and come up with a total amount we can spend to donate toys to less fortunate kiddos. With pen, paper and calculators in hand, we head out to find the best and most toys we can for the money we have. The goal is not only to stay on budget, find items that seem like good quality and interesting, but also to imagine it being out of the fancy packaging and see what are you left with… some of the packaging is so enticing, that in the store it seems impressive, but once it is taken out, it feels like most of the excitement was the packaging. A good lesson in marketing!

This is what we were able to purchase for $108… it was fun to find things on clearance and we were excited that we were only $1.22 cents over budget when we got through the checkout! We went directly to the drop off site and happily unloaded the toys. What an incredible organization and it is amazing to see how many volunteers and donations it takes to make so many people’s holiday a little bit brighter!


We thought this was a cool inside look at a Toys for Tots warehouse and how many toys end up in just this one location!

3 thoughts on “Toys for Tots…

  1. What a wonderful challenging endeavor! Water Street Academy has rolled so many important lessons into one experience: saving, researching, planning, selecting, and sharing.
    Everyone benefits. So impressive!
    Plus- what is really more fun than choosing toys!


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