Osmosis Bears!

Toady we had help from some very unusual suspects to learn about Osmosis: GUMMY BEARS! We learned the difference between Hypotonic (low solute) and Hypertonic (high solute) and of course, Isotonic (the place of equilibrium between the 2 levels of solutes). Did you know that water LOVES solute? We didn’t until today, but that is why the gummy bears puffed up. The water passed through the semi-permeable membrane of the candy to find its way to the place where there was a higher solute – well, with the exception of the green one in the 115 degree water that took OFF the semi-permeable membrane (YIKES!) and dissolved the bear almost in entirety in the 30 minutes the experiment lasted. Poor bear!!! Really, only one of our hypothesis’ were right – that the bears would get squishy…(good job Olive!).

There is a great video at the end of this post if you want to learn more. We think the Amoeba Sisters are cool!

Stay tuned this week to learn about diffusion. (I think the green gummy bear must have known that was going to be our next experiment!!!).




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