Shalom Bread!

For last week’s Kitchen Chemistry, we learned about challah bread [and how to make it], yeast, gluten the molecular structure that makes bread light, airy and chewy. It’s that fluffy structure that makes you want to keep right on eating it!

Here’s what we learned: Yeast is a one-celled organisim, classified as a fungus, that feeds off the sugars in the bread. As they eat the sugar, they realese carbon dioxide or the stuff we humans breathe out, and the carbon dioxide accumulates making the bread all poofy-poofy like a pillow! When you knead the dough you make the gluten structure stronger which makes the dough stretchy and malliable. So! Our challah bread turned out suprisingly tasty unlike our earlier blog post, the Math Pretzles!

Stay tuned for our next Kitchen Chemistry – Scones and Coffee!!

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