Simply Paper…

We recently had the chance to visit Krista Reuter’s Studio and learn about her incredible work. The last 3 photos below were taken from her website. You should check it out at the link above!

Krista shows and sells her work around the country in galleries and I think, online. In her beautiful home, she has a well lit studio where she creates and frames her artwork. Her first pieces were cut outs from thin sheets of paper and then thicker and thicker. She has hundreds of different tools and techniques that she uses to make small details [as an example, stippling and dotting, sewing] so when you look at the picture from far away, it looks very different that when you move into investigate. Layering the paper away from each other casts shadows and changes the artwork as light in the space shifts throughout the day. It is cool to see how a flat piece of paper can become so dimensional!

As an aside, we were amazed how clean and WHITE everything must remain through the process of creating it. One slip of the xacto knife or a surprising drop of a pen, could ruin endless hours of hard work!! That is SO COMPLETELY different from our own workspaces where everything is everywhere and color finds its way on to the strangest things :0)

It was a very inspiring tour. From the colors she incorporates to the paper she uses, she has thought of everything to make it look as awesome as it can get! A special thank you to Krista for having us over to see your work in action!!

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