Kids Food Basket…

Once a month we head to Kids Food Basket in Holland, Michigan. They are an organization committed to giving sack suppers to food unstable children in West Michigan areas through their schools. It is a balanced meal the kids take home with them, once a day during the week.

As a family, we volunteer either packing the sack suppers or making the parts that will become the supper. This Friday, we went our monthly volunteering to do both. There was a last minute rush to pack just under 200 bags for a school that had a 1/2 day. We scrambled to get them all ready for the driver in time, but we did it!! Today’s (cute!) bags had healthy food, like cheese, meat, apples, trail mix and carrots!

Once those bags were packed (WHEW!) and picked up, we headed to the kitchen to make sandwhiches. We had to make 280 peanut butter sandwiches, slice and bag them in preparation for the suppers that would be packed later that afternoon. We had polished off the workload in under 2 hours (fairly impressive don’t you think?). Anywho, we encourage you to volunteer in your own community because it’s really fun and it is awesome to be able to help other people when we can!



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