Death by Chocolate!

We are so busy we haven’t made time for our posts! Last week, as promised, Kitchen Chemistry (offered through the MIT, Open Courseware undergraduate program) invited us to learn about all things CHOCOLATE!!!

We bought three different kinds of chocolate, semi sweet, 60% cacao and 100% cacao, {see below} to compare and taste what each one was like. Semi sweet, as the package suggests it tasted sweet and like your every day to day chocolate and 100% cacao tasted so awful we were coughing and spiting in the sink for a solid 2 minutes. Feeling concerned, we ate the 60% cacao and gratefully, it tasted more sweet than bitter. So to celebrate, we made cookies. Along with baking them, we learned about vanilla and how it is made, baking soda and powder and their chemical reactions and that chocolaty cookie taste good any time of day!!

Did you know there are over 350 different kinds of chemicals in chocolate? The caffeine in it can make your heart palpitate and cacao beans are said to have high levels of  antioxidants… even more than blueberries. Cool right?  We also learned that dogs and cats shouldn’t eat it. Turns out, the reason is the chemical in chocolate called Theobromine. In conclusion: It’s okay for dogs and cats in small quantities but not smart to give them a piece of chocolate cake on your birthday! {we did it once on accident, was not a pretty situation:0) }

Next post from the land of Kitchen Chemistry: PANCAKES!



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