From Bratz to Beauty…

Maybe your’ve heard of them? Bratz dolls? Tree-change girls? It was a while back that we saw the video (see the link below) and were inspired to “save the girls” and make them ourselves! We called our vesion mountain girls {and yes we realize there are no mountains in our home territory, although it was right around the time we were taking a TRIP to the mountains, and we love mountains, so that is where their name came from!}.

Our Bratz dolls were found on Ebay or at garage sales. You can buy these dolls in lots for not much money. Once my Mom got started, there was no stopping it! We wanted to rescue all the over-makeup-ed, drama filled girls to their true selves. It was hard to find ‘good’ clothing for their new looks. Much of the Bratz doll clothing is, how shall we say it, inappropriate and very uncomfortable! So I started sewing comfy clothes for them out of scraps of fabric, baby socks, and even Kleenex!

My Mom has painted over 30 of the dolls… We have sold many of them (that is what the before and after photos were for) to cover the cost of the dolls and hopefully inspire other people to look at their own dolls in a new light. We kept some of our favorites and love knowing we were able to help change the dolls back into beautiful girls!




This is Jacey and she looks like an evil wich on the left and on the right she’s human!



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