Kitchen Chemistry: Salsa!

This year, as one aspect of our science/chemistry curriculum, we are following the Open CourseWare program through MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). They publish virtually all course content online for anyone to access. It is an incredible resource for homeschool but also for anyone interested in learning about endless subjects from a world renown institution for higher learning.  That said, every few weeks we will be delving into their undergraduate course “Kitchen Chemistry“.

Last week: SALSA

Next week: Death by Chocolate!

In this segment, we learned about what makes a pepper spicy (Capsaicin), the chemical reaction of oxidation and how to slow it down, acids, bases, & what makes an avocado green (leutin). We followed up with a Mexican lunch of nachos, guacamole, salsa and HOT PEPPERS!

This is a video all about spice… pretty ‘cool’, huh??!

We tried baking and grinding the pits to eat.
Checking the acidity and base of each ingredient to see what affect it would have on the oxidation levels.
Lime helps keep oxidation down!


Lunch time!

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