the soul cafe!

Just recently, we went to the Soul Cafe, in West Bloomfield, Michigan! It was started by the people who began Friendship Circle, an organization that supports individuals with special needs.

The Soul Cafe has 2 parts to it. One half of the space has an area where disabled people can craft, sew, collage and so much more. They have teacher support with whatever media they wish to express their creativity in.  The awesome part is that some of the art and crafts they make are for sale! We bought two water bottles and a t-shirt because everything looked so professional and inspired. When an item is sold, the artist gets a percentage of the money – just like a true gallery. They have openings and have an amazingly inviting space! So many materials, great lighting and an open workspace.

The other part of the building is a functioning restaurant that helps teach people with disabilities vocational skills. The workers learn to cook, serve, bus tables, and greet customers. It is so fresh looking and while we didn’t have time to eat there, the menu looked delish!

If you are ever in the area, you should check this out. We know we will be back!!

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