Calling all Rock Hounds!

The annual Tulip City Gem and Rock show was in town! It is one of our favorite shows of the year and this year was no exception. We saw rocks and gems of all kinds and even picked up a few for our own collections.

Some of the things we saw: Rocks that were sparkly. Rocks that were phosphorescent. Rocks that were magnetic. Geodes. Quartz. We saw true gold and sterling silver. Crystals. Gems. Glass art. Fossils and stones from all around Michigan. We saw rocks that were at every stage of the rock cycle. Remember the rock cycle? If not check out our post from last year. TREASURES were EVERYWHERE!

Next time you’re outdoors, take some time to look at the rocks in your own back yard!

These rocks, under black light have phosphorus properties and GLOW!!!!





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