Magnetic Oobleck!

Along with magnetics, we also learned about non-neutonian fluids. (Those are fluids that behave either like solids or liquids – they’re tricky that way!) What a better way to understand them then making the awesome, oobleck goo… But this was no ordinary oobleck – we made ours magnetic!!

We made this magic oobleck with the following things:

20 mule team borax, elmers glue {preferably white}, water, magnets, magnetite or iron shavings, two\three plastic cups {to mix things together} and stir sticks.

The first thing you do to make this amazingly clean slime, is mix a half a cup of glue and water together then mix a full cup of water and a teaspoon of borax. Once all the ingredients are together, mix it with your hands until it stops being gooey and drippy. if you want to make it magnetic, then add iron filings or magnetite bits to the mix. Fold it in well and get out your magnet!!!

If you are feeling really wild, you can ball up your goo, insert a straw, close the hole around it and gently BLOW! Now you have a non-neutonian bubble… let it pop and it turns back into liquid. Now, that is COOL!

Click on the movie at the end of the post to learn more about non-neutonian fluids.


2 thoughts on “Magnetic Oobleck!

  1. wow!! this is so impressive. I am showing it to Gramps! he is enjoying all the steps and seeing the balloon again.

    Water Street Academy is a very ambitious place!!


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