Magnetic Fields…

Check out this experiment we did with the magnetite we found at the beach the other day. If you don’t know, this mineral has the highest level of iron which makes is a lot of fun to experiment with! Check out more information on this mineral on  We were amazed by the patterns and responsiveness of the tiny bits on the tray!! We also tried putting it in water to see if it responded differently.

We moved on to conduct a density experiment using oil, corn syrup and 2 temps of water and a neodynium magnet… The density of the liquids definitely had an effect on how strong the magnetic forces were!

Further refining the magnitite from the sand we collected at the beach.


See the 2 ‘circles’ in the middle? Those are the magnetic fields from the horsehoe magnet underneath the tray we were using.



That magnet had to work pretty hard to get through the dense corn syrup, but it finally made it!

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