Let’s go to Canada!

Since we were in Detroit for our trip to Lazlo, we decided to leave the country for an afternoon and visit to Canada! After we emerged from the tunnel from Detriot we where surprised to see it looked exactly like America – even the birds were the same! So after establishing that, we headed off to find someplace to eat in Windsor. Now we concluded that EVERYTHING LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! We circled around for over 10 minutes looking for a place to park. Once we secured a spot, we found a nice little restaurant called Toasty’s it was DELICIOUS! From there, we wandered around to check out some of the shops. We found one with amazing and beautiful china, antiques, crystals, winnie the poo sculptures and so much more. It was jam packed with interesting things and it looked like it could use a good dusting1! After a fun filled afternoon in Windsor, we headed back to America.  We were happy to be back to the country we love so much!

A full day of adventure – that is FOR SURE!

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