Now That’s Attractive!

This week we have been learning about magnets and what they can do. We were going to buy iron shavings {for an upcoming experiment} but we decided to go to the beach and get them for free! Some dark colored minerals, like magnetite, are magnetic but granite stone and silica are not. Once we were at the beach and we had our weponrey (magnets) we were ready for action! Our magnets picked up a suprising amout of magnitite in the water and in the sand – after spotting a large patch of dark sand further up the beach, we headed of in that direction to collect it. After our sample bowls were full, a quick dip in the freezing lake (’cause who could resist), we droped off our findings and headed for Detroit! Check out our earlier post sharing our trip to the awesome Ponyride building and Lazlo!

See the tiny particals stuck to the magnet? Magnitite!


Getting the magnetic material OFF the magnet was a challenge!


One thought on “Now That’s Attractive!

  1. and that’s an attractive heading! Love it! So very appropriate.

    Girls – what an excellent project!
    You do the most interesting things. You’ll have to explain it to me soon…
    in the meantime…
    what could be better than an experiment at the beach!

    Big hugs to two bright inquisitive scientists!❤️❤️👭


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