We started off our school year in Detroit. There is an amazing building downtown in the Corktown neighborhood, named Ponyride where we were lucky enough to tour.

Lazlo is a startup company co-owned by Christian and Kathryn Birky. They are partnering with the Michigan Department of Corrections to hire formerly imprisoned men to sew sustainable t-shirts and paying them a living wage. They are using high quality, organic Supima cotton, grown in America using a natural process of indigo dying for color. Soon, they will be offering other selections in addition to the basic T.

Lazlo is in good company there in Detroit. Within the same building, there are over 30 organizations plus an open co-working space. There is a wood shop, metal shop, Detroit is the New Black, makers of Beard Balm,  Empowerment Plan…there are furniture makers, idea studios, cosmetic companies (one of them went on Shark Tank!), a print shop and so many more! We loved seeing how many creative people worked in a single building!!!

It was super cool to see how much work went into making a single shirt and dying it naturally. We even got to try our hand a sewing! That was super fun and a giant thanks to Christian for taking the time to show us around (we especially loved the freight elevator!).


The shirts have to be dipped and dried 3 or 4 times EACH to get the indigo coloring.



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