Mitey Tiny!

Quite “bee”hind on posting about our first year beekeeping, we will try and give high points to an unfortunately eventful summer for our hives.  We added the new colonies to our hives with the help of Super Sam, our bee mentor. They seemed happy and thriving and we couldn’t have been more excited to see the colonies grow!

Early July, Lucy found a Varroa mite on one of the brood while we were checking the hives. Knowing these tiny guys could take down the colony, we took the wax cells to our up-close-lab and looked under our microscope for what we would never have seen with our unassisted eyes. We found about 15 mites in a single brood cell. Eggs, newly emerged mites and adult mites as well. We treated both hives the following day with Mite Away, knowing untreated, the infestation would worsen. After a week for the treatment and a few more days of waiting, we conducted a ‘sugar roll’ test, and found that the treatment was successful – the mites were gone.

These are some of the photos of the new colonies being moved to their new homes along with images we captured of the Varroa mites along with a link to a great video on how Varroa mites exist within a hive.

Heading out with the new colonies to insert them into their new homes.


Checking the bees a few weeks after the colonies had been added. They were doing great!

DSC_0678 (1)

Learning more of what to look for when working a hive from Sam.

And then… July hit. May we introduce you to the varroa mite:

That is a tiny varroa mite we found on a developing bee.  
Taken under our amazing microscope – developing bee and a hitchhiker mite.
Newly hatched mite…


Momma mite, laying eggs…



4 thoughts on “Mitey Tiny!

  1. Hi Ron, Lucy, and Ollie,

    Your work with the bees is so impressive!!

    I so enjoyed hearing all about them and finding the Mitey Tiny. You are like detectives as well as scientists.

    The photos were amazing. You look like a science fiction film on another planet.

    I had no idea bees were so intense and complicated. Thank you for educating me as well as yourselfs.

    Three cheers for Water Street Academy!

    Love Grammy


  2. Oh my goodness, what an eventful first experience! the pictures were awesome and very helpful in understanding what was actually happening. Thank goodness for the powerful microscope, Lucy’s keen eye, and your mentor!! Well done “Team Waterstreet”! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!!


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