The Coefficient Of Friction!


About two weeks ago we made an agility corse for our dog, Milton. It was equipped with a hoop, balancing board, and a hurdle and some chairs to walk over. The first thing that we did was learn about the coefficient of friction {the ratio between the force necessary to move one surface over another}. Then we tied up two wooden boards and measured the angle from the ground to the truck the board was sitting on, we tried to make things easy considering it was his first time. Then… the moment we had been waiting for, the trumpet sounds and the fuzzy little animal pranced out of the door. The small gentlemen waited as the board had some few final adjustments then the treat was placed on the board. The first time he didn’t get on top of it – he slid around just a bit. This happened a few more times…. low coefficient of friction!!! {slippery or smooth}. We adjusted our design by putting some fake grass carpet on the board…. high coefficient of friction!!  He made it up to the top!  Friction wins the day!

Now for the second round of fun, the HURDLE!!!  He easily jumps over the board every time!  Then we put them all together… three chairs, the balancing board AND the hurdles!!! An agility jamboree! The glorious Milton runs through every one and finishes the game!!! WOWEEE!!!


Traffic is crazy after a hard day on the agility course. He uses rolling resistance on his way home!


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