Bee School and Honey….

Late fall, we attended a Bee School to learn more about raising these special friends. It was sponsored by the local Holland Area Beekeepers Association and it was an all day, 8-4:30 event. We were busy ‘bees’!!

We learned about Varroa Mites, parts of the hive, what propolis is, {which is bee glue} and so much more! Then we went to three more classes after the first presentation which is why it took a whole 7 hours. At the end of the day before we got into the car BUN BUN BUDUNDA DA BAAAAA!! We bought entirely new frames and brood boxes! We were the only kids there and were happy to know so much more about how to take care of bee colonies, what to look for to see if they get sick and how to set up the hives so they feel right at home!

About a month later we attended a class about bees and honey at the Douglas, Michigan library. It was so much fun! The presenter was Don Lam, and one of the best parts of his presentation was tasting many different kinds of  honey. Each one was different because of the flowers the bees used the pollen from. There was a super dark brown {tasted like molasses!}, one that was somewhat dark, yellowy white {super pretty!}, carmal colored {didn’t taste that way} red, {good but strange, a little bitter}, and there was your normal every day colored honey {as always, sweet and tasty}. One of the great thing about having hives of our own is that we can hopefully, try and brand new flavor specific to our location in the fall!

This was a Graphic Recording that my Mom created from the Keynote speaker, Dr. Meghan Milbrath, PhD who works in the research lab at Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.1HABAdrMilbrath

strange graphics eh?
The kinds of honey we had at the library (not including Turkish honey which was strange but good)!


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