It was meant to ‘bee’!


Funny right? We found it while looking for bee puns because… DUN DUN DUNDA DUN DAAAAA!!! We are becoming backyard beekeepers! We have bee suits, hives, frames, soon to be honey and honey combs and some borrowed land to put them on (thank you amazing neighbors, Tom and Joanne! As a family, we paint we decorated the hives all with our own little touch of magic!

We started preparing for the bees by building the wooden brood boxes. Those are the deep boxes that the queen layers her eggs in. Did you know that she can lay over 1,000 eggs every day!? She never leaves the hive once she starts laying. What a job!  All the other supplies Mom was lucky enough to buy from a person we know in town that was no longer beekeeping.

We prepared the hives a few days before and had a fellow beekeeper (thank you awesome Sam!!) come over and check them out to make sure we had everything we needed in preparation for the colony’s arrival. Check out a future post when they arrive!!

We are so excited it is un’BEE’leiveable! :0)







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