It’s Hard to Resist the Wind!

Too long ago {February , 2016 } we did an accidental  experiment with wind resistance and surface area. We started with a toy boat, lots of packing tape, a few different  kinds of bags, two skewers, some expensive cargo {meaning a 25 cent plastic jewel!} and a passenger… a mermaid.

Our accidental experiment began with nothing on the boat but the cargo and the driver. It didn’t move an inch. Then we tried a ziplock bag, a plastic grocery bag and a cashew baggie. None of them worked as we had hoped. The boat still moved slowly, eventually capsizing or hitting the surrounding ‘icebergs’. The best out of the worst was the  ZIPLOCK!!!! Although the driver lost control and it started to spin like a ballerina it worked perfectly, it had the most wind resistance even though it wasn’t the largest surface area. Our hypothesis was that the ziplock bag flexed and the cashew bag didn’t. The grocery bag just sunk with the boat and gems and the cashew bag flipped the boat losing the 25 cent gems and the driver to the bottom of the lake in our yard.

If you’re a mermaid, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

If you’re a human, DO TRY THIS AT HOME!



putting the new and improved sail on our boat



See? That’s obviously not a lake. But it’s deep enough to be afraid of… if you are a mermaid, less than two inches.




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