Saugatuck Center for the Arts

We went to the Saugatuck Center For The Arts (SCA) in Saugatuck, Michigan to have a behind the scenes tour. Our tour guide was the fantastic, Teresa Zerfas (THANK YOU!). The first thing we learned was that the building used to be a pie factory! It was one of the first places to invent & make ready to ship, frozen fruit pies.

We started our tour in the theatre. We saw the stage and the areas behind it. One of the most amazing areas we found backstage was the wardrobe of a lifetime! There were shoes of every type, clothes of every kind and hats of every sort! Floor to ceiling selections!

There was another filled with props: pots and pans, chairs, lamps and more than I should list out. Then we climbed a flight of stairs to find a small (compared to the main stage) dance studio were the dancers and singers practiced. After that, we saw dressing rooms and a few more steps and we found ourselves on the stage again!

We left the stage and climbed another flight of stairs where the AV equipment and music are run from and the spotlight is controlled.

In another part of the building there are areas used for art. We were shown an art studio (SO SUPER COOL!!), a meeting room and a kitchen. There was also a small, meeting room. Because the ceilings are so tall (remember the pie factory I mentioned?)  there were really cool sculptural panels that fractured the sound waves so the room stayed quieter.

One other area was the main gallery. Remember our recent post on collaborative art? That’s where we saw the work that inspired that project.

We loved seeing all the behind the scenes spaces at the SCA. I am happy to live in a place that has such a cool space and brings people together to celebrate all areas of ART!

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