Eggs and Earrings…

Studying chemical reactions can be interesting…they can also be fashionable!

As a base element, Sulfur is used in many ways. With metals, Liver of Sulfur is traditionally used to add a lovely oxidation to sterling silver. Rather than use this very strong, smelly chemical, we decided to put on our lab coats and use the sulfur found in eggs instead.

It was simple and FAST! We hard boiled 4 eggs, peeled them and smashed them as we would have for egg salad. Washed the earrings being used in the experiment with super soapy water to remove any oils that the oxidation would resist. Then… put them into the eggs, covered them and a surprising 15 minutes later, see the second photo – oxidation began. 3 hours later, they were a beautiful dark mottled black and copper color. The photo does not do them justice! Another good wash with soap and water and three cheers for another successful experiment!

This book is INCREDIBLE! The link to it is at the end of this post. 

This is the link to the Element book shown above. Another, equally fantastic companion book is called MOLECULES.



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