Baking Soda Breakout!

The theory of MASS CONSERVATION says that even through a chemical reaction takes place, the weight of all the parts remains the same.

To make sure this was true, we did an experiment to prove it one way or the other. The first thing we did was get a sandwich bag, baking soda, a small bowl, a scale and vinegar. We weighed it all and we got 76 grams. We then added vinegar to the sealable bag, wrapped the baking soda in a kleenex (to prevent the reaction from happening too soon), sealed it up and shook it all around. What we did not know is that the bag was too small so when all the gas was released from the reaction, it filled the bag up like a pillow and it promptly exploded. {We were all too dramatic — we were hiding and screeching like a bomb was going off, not a bag!}. We redid the experiment with a bigger bag – it almost happened again but, it thankfully didn’t and when we weighed the bag, not surprisingly, it was 76 grams.

So the theory of mass conservation is completely true!



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