Grow Crystal, Grow!

This was a super cool experiment! We took regular Epsom Salt and boiled it then poured it into a beaker. After many hours check out what grew!! We couldn’t believe the cool structures of the salt crystals…

We decided to see what would happen if we added coloring to the water. First, we had to break through the pretty strong layer of crystals that had formed on the top of the water. Once we got to the water, the coloring settled on top of the crystals (see photo below). After that, we drained the water and broke off a crystal (that is a surprisingly hard structure!) so we could take an up close look under the microscope at what had grown.

They are completely BEAUTIFUL, don’t you think? This is VERY easy to do at your own home and even though you have seen it here, you will be amazed.  We also attached a link to the video of where we learned how to do it.





This is the video link:

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