Landforms and Geosphere…

We have been learning about the geosphere and did this fun project to show all of the different kinds of land and water features in 3 dimensions. We started with a baking pan and then we filled in everything we needed to show like mountains, lakes and deltas to create a 2D map of where our homemade salt dough would go. Then we waited for a day before we grabbed our paints and paint brushes to add some color to the scenery!

We placed flags everywhere and mixed up some lava to put in the volcano!  To make things even more interesting, we threw some baking soda in with vinegar and food coloring to make an ERUPTION!!!!!!{Eventually we got really carried away, meaning we flooded the whole tray! We threw it away afterwards :0( }

We were surprised at how slowly the dough dried and how many land features there are in the world! It’s a lot of planning to fit it all on a cookie tray!



This is the video we watched to learn more about landforms before we started building. We LOVE Crash Course videos!!!!

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