Chocolate Anyone?

A few weeks ago while in the Detroit area we visited the Morley Candy Factory for a tour. The company now owns Sander’s and we were amazed by the production facilities. This is a link to their website if you want to know more about them:

We weren’t allowed to take photos of the chocolate line, but are happy to share these images with you of our experience. If you are ever out that way, it is WELL worth the stop… even President George W. Bush stopped there once while on a campaign trail!

The tour starts with a 20 minute movie on the (very manual) harvesting of the cacao pods and from there how chocolate is made. After that, we walked a long observation hall to see the chocolates being manufactured. Today’s treat was chocolate caramels – we were given free samples (YUM!) to enjoy.

At this one facility, they produce 25,000 lbs of product daily!! One million pounds of of chocolate are produced each year and it takes FOUR HUNDRED beans to make ONE pound of chocolate!!! Can you believe it?!

Next time you reach for a delicious treat, this will give you a whole new appreciation of how it got from a tree blossom to your fingertips!



Need we say more!?

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