Calico Nation Elections!

The time has come! While learning about the 3 branches of the United States Government, it was time to have our own elections in the Nation of Calico Critters!

The town’s Critters gathered in the main square. Energy was high as the candidates were nominated. The Mayor stood in front of the newly designed flag to oversee the elections.

First, nominations for President/Vice President were given. 4 members of the community shared what they stood for. Here’s what they said: Fashion, Generosity, Nothing and Sweetness. After all the votes were in, “Sweet cheek” won the presidency (Fashion was a close runner up!) and Cookies was her new Vice President. Finally! Not only a female President, but vice president as well!! Here come the girls :0)

Next was the appointment of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH. The Members of the Cabinet. 15 individuals were selected, one for each department. Then came the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. Senators Ted and Cereal were elected as State Representatives and the Critters of Congress were determined as well. The second branch was complete! Last, came the JUDICIAL BRANCH. Gloria was chosen for the Chief Justice because  she is kind, fair and makes good cookies. Unlike our own government, children were selected for this court to uphold the fairness to the kids in the nation. :0)

The elections were intense, but the community at large is delighted with their new representatives!!

Excitement was in the air!
The Mayor stood in front of the new Calico flag…




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