Ever see a person making their way in the world with a prosthetic limb? We have, and were lucky enough to get a tour of Wright & Fillippis, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a business that makes prosthetics so we could better understand what goes into developing one for their patients.

We started our tour by seeing the many ways, pieces and parts and materials are used as the base layers for the prosthetics to fit on. Then we were shown how casts are taken of the remaining part of a limb so that they will fit perfectly. Each prosthetic is created specifically for the individual patient. It is super labor intensive and a very skilled craft!

We saw traditional prosthetic legs as well as electronically enabled ones, and even had a chance to try one on to see what it felt like to walk with it.

The tour gave all of us new insight to what that goes into making these amazing parts that change people’s lives every day for the better.


This is the main work area where parts are created for the prosthetics.


Danny, our tour guide, created this leg for people without prosthetics to have a chance to feel what it would be like to walk with one. We were surprised to feel how HEAVY it was!!


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