Mushroom Mania!

Over the past 2 days, we created mushroom prints. Most people take these prints and brush them onto the ground to make more mushrooms but we are doing it for art. You can use store bought mushrooms or find mushrooms in the wild, they work just the same. Here’s how you do it: You cut the stem flush to the bottom of the mushroom and lay it on a paper. Cover it with a bowl or bag and wait 24 hours. This keeps the spores from floating away and protects them so you get a good print. After 24 hours or so, gently remove the bowl or bag and carefully take the mushroom off the paper. It will show an exact replica of the mushroom gills!

Next time you get mushrooms at the store, look carefully in the package. You will probably see a lot of brown ‘dust’. These are the spores!! They might be in the package or they might be on a neighboring mushroom.

If you’re wondering what makes the print,  it’s the spores – little seeds that make more mushrooms. Giant puffballs are great examples of this in action. If you have never seen their spores lift off, click on the video link below our photos of our spore prints to see them in action. It is SUPER COOL!

IMG_2960 IMG_2963IMG_2975 IMG_2973

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