Mice… A Probability Study

This week we are studying mice. Heredity. DNA. Populations. We are talking about how mice help in science research and how one Momma mouse can result in over 4,000 new mice entering the world – in ONE YEAR.

Here’s how this project went. We had already talked about probability. Based on that, we assumed the Momma mouse who can start breeding at 2 months (EEK!) had 10 babies, 5 females and 5 males. While this is unlikely in the single litter, over time it would average out to be 50/50 for each gender so that’s what we went with for ease of discussion. Subsequent generations would have either 8 or 10 babies. Gestation is 21 days, they can breed again a week later! Those offspring had to wait another 2 months to begin reproducing, thus the 2 month offset in time shown on the chart. We made and used these cute chocolate mice for the first 2 generations, then moved on to chocolate chips, then baby chocolate chips, then marker dots… there were just so MANY!!!

Keep in mind, this exercise did not take into consideration the litters of mice the original Mom could have had in tandem with the offspring generations and their litters. It is mind blowing and a super great reason to keep mice out of our homes :0)


IMG_2561 IMG_2557

This is the video we watched showing how mice are helping scientists to figure out how they can grow human parts…

One thought on “Mice… A Probability Study

  1. very interesting. it seems the world would be made of mice at that rate! any idea what the mortality rate is ? or – are they leaving as fast as there coming ?


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